Monday, January 5, 2009


If you like the Akira Sountrack(s) you may be interested in more music by the band Geinoh Yamashirogumi (芸能山城組), I have found a few of their albums, click the links below:
NOTE: Symphonic Suite AKIRA is the Akira album without dialogue.

Studio albums

+ Osorezan / Do No Kenbai (1976)
+ Reverberation Of Earth (1976)
+ Yamato Gensho (1977)
+ Ougonrin Sanyo (1978)

+ Ecophony Rinne (1986)*
+ Ecophony Gaia (1990)*


+ Symphonic Suite AKIRA (1988)*
+ Akira: Original Soundtrack (1988)

Albums I couldn't find:

+ Shonentachi Eno Chikyu Sanka (In Praise Of Earth‚ To Boys) (1979)
+ Selections From Folk Music On Silkroad (1981)
+ Selections From African Folk Music (1982)

* albums that made up the trilogy


Ignacio Nieto said...

Hello, I cannot unload the music. Thank you.

Jon Oda said...

sad, the links are broken...any chance you would re-up them? Thanks...