Wednesday, June 13, 2007


There is this cool blog I recently stumbled on called lines and colour. Over there I found some choice entries on Al Parker, Lok Jansen and Stephen Wiltshire.

Al Parker’s art, above, speaks for itself, you don’t need me to tell you it is good. But take a look at some more of it at these sites: Al Parker Flickr set and Al Parker at 100 Years of Illustration.

I like Lok Jansen’s lines in his cityscapes, like those above. They remind me of the work of Masamune Shirow in the original Ghost In The Shell series. The lighting is really nice also.

I am sure that when I was young I watched a documentary which had a young Stephen in it, so to find him again was funny. I quite like his lines regardless of how he does them really, I like that style. You can read more on him at Wikipedia. Also make sure you take a look at his Panoramic view of Tokyo which is what he is drawing in the image below.

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